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The work is a result of content curation. By rearranging and organizing already existing data on User Generated Content Social Media sites, it is transformed and gains new meaning. The goal is to completely change the source material by altering it as little as possible. Memory and desire play a huge role in the art practice, as well as in the digital age and what we choose to record. Our culture's desire for the archive, combined with ideas of self-celebrity, originality, proof of existence, and boredom result in a gluttonous and rich world of self generated imagery. With the willful rejection of the roles that privacy, exclusivity, and forgetting play in our culture, the content of the social web is, ostensibly, available for all to consume. The work aims to investigate the multitude of layers that is our relationship with the social web.

Nia Burks

b. 1984


MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2009
MA, Maryland Institute College of Art, 2007
BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2006

Exhibition Record

Symbiotic Output (Alice Gryphius Kunstraum, Berlin, Germany), 2011
Lumen Festival (Brooklyn, Ny), 2011
Three Inch Canvas (Jyvaskyla Art Museum, Jyvaskyla, Finland), 2011
DAS Weekend, (Transmediale Affiliate, Berlin, Germany), 2011
IkonoMENASA (Arab Satellite Television, Middle Ease, North Africa, South Asia), 2010
Irresistible Apparatus (Studio 8 West, Richmond, Va), 2010
The Internet is a Terrible Place to Live (New York, Ny and Portland Or), 2010
Glitch Festival (Chicago, Il), 2010
New Media, Sex and Culture in the 21st Century (Museum of New Art, Detroit, Mi), 2010
Platine (Koln and Stuttgart, Germany), 2010
No Budget Film Festival (Stuttgart, Germany) 2010
Lumen Festival (Staten Island, Ny), 2010
Sonanum Video Tapestry (The Warehouse, Norfolk, Va) 2010
Renewal (The Warehouse, Norfolk, Va) 2010
Electronic Art Exchange Round 1 and 2 (ADA Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2009
USERNAME, TAB, PASSWORD, RETURN (Anderson Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2009
Sex Cells (3rd Ward, Brooklyn, Ny), 2009
Electronic Art Exchange Round 1 and 2 (ADA Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2009
Candidacy Exhibition (Plant Zero, Richmond, Va), 2008
Itís Got Layers (Anderson Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2007
Thesis Exhibition (Decker Gallery, Baltimore, Md), 2007
Acting Up/Acting Out (Fox 3, Baltimore, Md), 2007
Big Art Show (Gallery 5, Richmond, Va), 2007
Amendment (Feminist Anthology, Richmond, Va), 2007
0-3900 (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md), 2007
DEVICE (Current Gallery, Baltimore, Md), 2006
Thesis Exhibition (FAB Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2006
Experience in Collective Packing (FAB Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2006
Box Office Hits (Fab Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2006
VIEW/2006 (FAB Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2006
Amendment (Feminist Anthology, Richmond, Va), 2006
Girlie Show (Ethos Cafť Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2005 (Solo Exhibition)
Amendment (Feminist Anthology, Richmond, Va), 2005
Femme Art (Polka Dot Art Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2004
Amendment (Feminist Anthology, Richmond, Va), 2004
18 Pack (Flat International, Richmond, Va), 2004


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Artist Residencies

Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin, Germany

Guest Lectures and Awards

Memory and Desire in the Recent work of Nia Burks, Alice Gryphius Kunstraum, Berlin, Germany, 2011
Brief Artist Talk, Deep Leap, Portland, Or, 2010
Introduction to Photography Undergraduate Class, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va, 2009
Runner Up (3rd Ward, Brooklyn, Ny), 2009
Merit Award (FAB Gallery, Richmond, Va), 2006

Gallery Representation

Art Claims Impulse Gallery, Berlin, Germany


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Nia Burks is interested in the images we record and share on the web. She collects these bits of information from the Internet and creates works of art from them. On an absolute core level her interests have always laid in multiples, overlooked details, and compiling and organizing found digital material. Nia lives and works as an artist on the east coast with her dog and best friend, Grrr.